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means feeling good in your body, in any given situation. Our products give women confidence, comfort, freedom, and lightheartedness. Each body deserves kindness and respect. We deserve to be ourselves. And the same goes for our environment and the planet.

We believe in treating the environment, and the people who produce our underwear, with dignity and kindness. We visit our suppliers regularly, and go through the production process together. We discuss. We learn. We listen.


is something we bring to our products every day. We look for the best hi-tech materials, in cooperation with experts across industries. We work with leading engineers who research materials for extreme conditions, such as low temperatures in high altitudes or sun-parched war areas. In all those places, leak-proof yet breathable membranes, knitted fabrics that quickly transport moisture, or ultra-absorbent materials help mountain climbers, firefighters, and soldiers. At snuggs, we bring those innovations to every day life.When it comes to periods, the general idea is similar, even if the conditions can sometimes be more extreme. We bring together physical and mental health with engineering and fashion trends.

The word “Done” is not part of our vocabulary. Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we improve our products every day. We listen.

We believe in connecting technology and naturalness

At snuggs, we love both worlds. We believe in their co-existence

Kindness to yourself, others, and the planet

Snuggs founders

Linda & Tomas





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