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Experience Europe's most popular period underwear.

You can feel good on your period.

If this is your first time buying period underwear, we recommend going for a universal style that fits most body types and menstrual flows. Once you have tried it and discovered that it works for you, you can start experimenting with more colours, designs, and styles.

Value packs

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4.6 Rating
Not every period underwear really works.

We are science-based company and a leader in the absorbent layer technology

Made in Europe

3.5x lower

Environmental impact

Together with environmental scientists, we have performed life-cycle assessment using the Product Environmental Footprint methodology recommended by the European Commission.


Already tested by a community of
200.000+ satisfied customers

across Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK and others

Got some other questions?

Got some other questions?

Is the underwear hygienic?

Is the underwear hygienic?

Is the underwear hygienic?

Is the underwear hygienic?

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